Welcome to M’s Inspiration Station!

Upon entering M’s Inspiration Station, you have been transported to a place just beyond the realm of reality. Enter at your own peril! For this place is reserved for the brave, open-minded, adventurous dreamers who wish to explore life beyond their own realm in the hopes of finding that ever elusive inspiration.

Here is how it works:

1) Pick A Platform: Each week, at exactly midnight Thursday morning, M will unveil a new Platform (which will arrive in the form of a blog post for those still living in reality – to find said Platform click on the top left hand menu icon and click on “Platform”) accompanied by a description detailing what new source of inspiration M has found. If you find yourself intrigued you will move onto Step 2, if not you will repeat Step 1. 

2) Choose Your Train: At the end of each Platform, there will be at least one train which you will be able to board (which will appear in the form of a link). You simply choose one or more of the trains and whoosh! You are off!

3) Enjoy the Journey: You’re officially off, and now it’s time to explore! Explore all the scenery, new sites and sounds, the random trails you find yourself on, etc. For a few minutes, allow yourself to discover something new and maybe, just maybe, that ever elusive inspiration will appear! And if it does, I hope it leads you to dreams you never imagined before, and eventually back to M’s Inspiration Station for more.


4) Share Your Journey: Tell us where you ended up, what inspiration met you along the way, the dreams you began to take shape, or anything else that would positively inspire another traveler.

5) Follow M: For those travellers wanting easy access to M’s Inspiration Station, simply sign up to have M’s Inspiration Station delivered to your inbox every Thursday morning. For those wanting more inspiration check out M’s Pinterest Boards for more visual delights.

And above all have fun!

Luv, M*

P.S. Due to health issues, M is not able to unveil any new Platforms at this time. As she is unsure how long this will last, she encourages any reader who is interested in future Platforms to click on the right hand menu icon and sign up for email updates. Thank-you again for your interest, support, and understanding at this time.

*M. R. Gross, or M as she prefers to be called, is a writer currently working on her first novel. M’s Inspiration Station chronicles some of her own brushes with inspiration. Fun Fact: The inspiration for this post came from “Pure Imagination” as sung by Josh Groban.


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