Platform 1 – Joy Williams’ “Venus”

Welcome to the wonderful world of Joy Williams’ “Venus”. What awaits you are songs with hauntingly beautiful melodies, soulful lyrics, and a detailed journey of life, loss, love, and healing.

I first discovered “Venus” while on my never ending hunt for good writing music. (Writing Music refers to any music which one can listen to while still being able to concentrate on writing as well as evoke the necessary underlying emotional response needed for said writing.) Ensconced in “Venus” are the twists and tales of the break up of the Civil Wars (Williams’ previous duo group), the birth of a child, the death of a father, the ebb and flow of a marriage, and the healing of a woman.

I could go on and on about how “Venus” delivers some amazing writing music. For it is rare to find good writing music which talks about anything other than romantic love and even rarer to find writing music that details a woman’s perspective on life. However, this album is much more to me. “Venus” came into my life at a time my own heart, mind, and soul were healing. After a year, which saw the epic battles of mind, the struggle of being who I was and not who I was ‘supposed to be’, and the loss and restoration of my creativity, I have begun to heal. Williams’ album has been the soundtrack to my own montage of restoration – heart, mind, and soul.

Train 1: My personal favourite writing song – “Before I Sleep”, departs here.

Train 2: The song which lead me to discover the wonders of “Venus” – “Welcome Home”, departs here.

Train 3: My current anthem, more for musical reasons than lyrical – “What A Good Woman  Does”, departs here.

Train 4: Joy Williams’ website containing more songs and inspiration, departs here.

Warning: If you do listen to all of “Venus”, I highly recommend listening to the song “Woman (Oh Mama)” last.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to share any inspiration or dreams that you meet along the way!

Luv, M



  1. Janelle · September 4, 2015

    I listened to whole album and then listened again and again. Thanks so much for sharing! My personal favourite right now is “Until the Levee”. Perfect for the days when I just need to push on. Also, I quite enjoyed “Women (Oh Mama)”. It really good music for dancing while you vacuum.

    • M. R. Gross · September 7, 2015

      I love “Until the Levee”! Another great writing song. And “Woman (Oh Mama)” would be a fantastic vacuuming song or a great dancing it out song.
      Thanks so much for sharing!
      Luv, M

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