Platform 2 – “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver”

This Platform will show you the world through the eyes of the comedian fool. “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” follows in the footsteps of medieval court jesters, editorial cartoonist, and more recently “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart”. Every Sunday night John Oliver informs and delights his viewers with a humorous twist on the news.

John Oliver has provided many hours of entertainment as well as  philosophical and political conversation inspiration for our dinner table. I could tell you how he has shed light on things such as the last Indian election, which was not followed closely by the American media, gender equality in regards to the legal tender, and even the merits of torture (there are none, in case you were wondering), etc. However, I have been dealing with terrible migraines all week and do not have the energy or the mental capacity to further explain how world politics and the truth hidden inside most jokes inspire and challenge my own world view. Instead, I will let John Oliver do the talking, as he does it so well.

Train 1: The reason my family and I now say “I hope Putin doesn’t kill you” instead of “Goodbye” – “John Oliver on Boris Nemtsov Murder” departs here.

Train 2: Simply the best waste of Trinidadian TV and your time. The epic saga of Jack Warner, the former Vice-President of FIFA, who allegedly took $10 million in bribes vs. John Oliver, the comedian fool. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. – This train begins with “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: FIFA II” departing here, then connects with “Jack Warner: The Gloves Are Off” here, which prompts another stop at “John Oliver – The Mittens Of Disapproval Are On” here, before arriving at its final destination “John Oliver Replies to Jack Warner’s Video” here.

Train 3: Everything you learned in high school or will learn in 5 minutes – “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: Back to School (Web Exclusive)” departs here.

Train 4: The official “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” website departs here.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this week’s Platform and don’t forget to share your own inspiration below!

Luv, M


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